Sign at Clyde's house

I finally went to Clydefest

The Guardian ad Litem information table with Tatia Ash

I’ve wanted to go ever since I met Clyde Jones, a man who has transformed the little mill town of Bynum, NC, where he lives. He has done this with his generosity and his art.

A second reason for going to Clydefest was to help out at the Guardian ad Litem table with my supervisor, Tatia Ash. This was an opportunity to get to know Tatia better and to discover mutual friends and interests. After five weeks of being trained by her, I already knew that Tatia was an unusual and amazing person, but I didn’t expect to be quite as surprised as I was.

GAL Table

The crowd seemed fairly small. I don’t think that the publicity was done very well. In spite of that we spoke with a good number of people and got several of the to sign up for possible volunteer work as a GAL. (Yes, I’m now a GAL!).

I especially enjoyed talking with John, a west-coast artist who now lives in the area.


My Clydefest tattoo

I got my first Clydefest tattoo several years ago at the Fearrington Folk Art show, where Clyde gave me one of his last tattoos, a beautiful watermellon. I tried so hard not to wash my arm!

So, after Tatia and I were relieved by Day and Nicole at 1pm, I wandered around until I found Clyde, sitting on his garden tractor, gently putting tattoos on the arms of children.


I also found Julie, RPCV Mali, with her daughter and mother.


Julie, who is considerably less shy than I am, encouraged me to get my own tattoo during a lull when no children were lined up.


Short walk around Bynum

When I left the ballpark, I took a short walk by Clyde’s house, down to the mill area and then back up to my truck.

Clyde's house

The whole town has Clyde’s art in their yards. He has given it to them. It transforms the town.

Beautiful House