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I finally went to Clydefest

Sign at Clyde's house

An Important Lesson in College

Olfa Riahi, Tunisian Blogger

This page will probably remain a work-in-progress for some time.

Last week (March 26th, I believe) I noticed on a Duke University calendar that a young Tunisian blogger had started talking about 30 minutes before I looked at the calendar! A phone call to Duke got me an email with a link that allowed me to use my computer to watch the event, which went on for a couple of hours. Olfa spoke in very good French while a translator summarized for some of the people in the audience.

While she talked, I managed to discover her trances on twitter and send her a message. I was delighted a few hours later to get a phone call from her. We arranged for her and her South African colleague Xoli Molloi to visit on Saturday.

Exporting Markdown from Scrivener

I am trying - unsuccessfully so far - to export Scrivener documents as markdown.

snow fun

Snow man

Our neighbors were out enjoying the snow this morning.