It’s Monday, and most of the restaurants are closed. Iris and I drove into town and found a place to park - something that is hard to do during busier times.

I asked a man who was throwing a box into a dumpster where we could eat. Michael McCormick told us to go to Lambert’s of Taos, which was only a few steps away.

We were directed to the bar to wait for a table. There, we ran into Julia Knobloch, a woman who is in Iri’s poetry workshop. We had a wonderful conversation while we waited for a table.

We sat under a small roof on the edge of a courtyard. The roof protected us from the strong winds that were twirling the umbrellas in the courtyard.


The errant red light on my camera started a conversation with the people at the next table.


The woman turned out to be Dolores Hawkins.