We made it to Blytheville, AR, one day ahead of schedule. This will make the drive to Tulsa a lot more manageable since we can now do it in two stages.

That Bookstore in Blytheville

We first went to the bookstore that David Perry had told us to visit. We stayed almost an hour and would have loved to stay longer. Mr Crawley, the owner, is wonderfully engaging and a terrific salesman! Guess I’ll find out if I like John Grisham!

That Bookstore Chris Crawley

George’s Brother Don and his family

We had a fabulous time with Don, Lori and their grandson Kody. We had never met Lori or Kody before and found that we like them very much! Brother Don did well!


Don and George

Don, Lori and Kody

Don, Lori, Kody

Kody and Lori

Lori and Don