I am trying to move my own posts away from Google+ to my own Jekyll site.

I may still post links to my Jekyll site on Google+, but the original posts will be mine and in markdown, a format that can be saved and repurposed.

You will notice that I’m posting this on a little jekyll blog that I’m playing with. Every post is on my own computer (and in Dropbox) where I can simply grep the posts.

I just post the link on Google+ so that people will see the post. Google probably doesn’t mind.

I’m doing this because…

Google+ is confusing

When Google+ was new, I made two suggestions:

  • Have a subject for each item
  • Make it possible to view items as a list, with no images

I would now add a third: make it possible to create RSS feeds for my circles. This of course would make it possible for me to see a list with no images.

I’m reminded of this by a friend who sent me the following email a couple of days ago:

Hey man, no idea how to get to that link you shared with my on
Google+.  Im stopping checking or posting to any form of group
on Google+ since its impossible to get to the stuff again and
takes 10 minutes to find it.  Just shoot me an email to share
it...i'll definitely be able to find it and read it that way.
Oh the future hurts

I couldn’t agree more. I can’t even find my own posts!

Inconsistency in Google+ notifications

Today I got notifications that two people just started following me. I clicked on the first name and looked at his profile.

After looking at the first profile, I went back to notifications to look at the second person. The notification about new followers was gone!! Apparently Google+ knows what I want to see better than I do.