We’re underway!

We left at 10:08am this morning.

This felt like a miracle!

We are now in a Quality Inn in Lebanon, TN, about 30 miles from Nashville. Tomorrow we might actually make it to Blytheville, AR, where my brother Don lives. I thought it would take us another day, but it might not.

Google maps says that we drove 497 miles today. I’ll check the odometer tomorrow.

We alternated driving. Iris slept pretty well when I was driving but I didn’t sleep much when it was her turn to drive. But I did okay. I’m happy with our first day’s progress. Kudos to David Perry for telling me both what route to take and how far to shoot for on our first day.

I’d take a photo and post it. But you know what? You’d have no idea where we were - this place looks like everywhere else in Americar.